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Speak2 Family with Amazon Alexa

Thanks to Matt Smith at Speak2 Family, Alexa has become an amazing personal assistant for families with disabilities. With the Speak2 app, Alexa makes texting, photo sharing, reminders and group chats more accessible for those who cannot manage a cell phone. Watch the video to meet Matt and hear his mission.

Alexa to the rescue!

Our first experience with Alexa with a godsend!  While my husband and I were away on a trip, our son was home with our two dogs. Once of the dogs was attacked by another dog and bitten very badly. We were not able to fly home to assist but Alexa was available. By using the Speak2 app we were able to set reminders for medicines, compresses, doctors visits, and more. We could also use the video feature to see how our dog was doing. Additionally, we often called directly through Alexa so our son would not have to stop what he was doing to talk to us. All three of us were involved with the medical care through reminders and check-ins and as a result we now have a fully recovered dog and a son who felt supported through the whole process.

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