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I know I'm not alone. Finding services for my child was not easy and not readily accessible. After having to figure things out on my own, I've come to appreciate these autism focused services. I've used most of them personally and some are nationally recognized. My hope is that you find this list helpful too.

Autism Resources: Bio

From my home to yours...


National Autism services

Autism Speaks

BYTE  Free dental care guide for children with autism

Champion Autism Network  and the Autism Travel Card

Certifying businesses, services, and resorts around the world as autism aware and supportive

AANE Autism/Asperger Network

Best Online Guide for College Students With Autism

Birth Injury Justice Center

Birth To Three- This early intervention service is available in all states under a variety of names. They can help you identify symptoms and address any concerns you have about your child's development.. Search for Birth to Three within your state.

Autplay with Dr. Robert Jason Grant

Exceptional Needs Today

Free on-line magazine. Exceptional Needs Today aims to serve all individuals in need of special services.

Susan Morse, gifted life coach for young adults 

Neurofeedback with Gretchen Morse (Mid-Michigan)

NewMouth Dental Care

Navigating healthcare for children with autism

Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Smuggler's Notch Resort amazing services and camps for kids with special needs

Trip planning with a disability specialist: Amy Flores

Amy can plan trips around the world and specializes in Disney A non-profit who helps people find funding for tools, equipment and schooling.

Dr. Tanya English- Helping mothers of still-borns go from grief to grace

The Rooted Family  Social Emotional Learning 

Social Security Disability Guide- This is essential for understanding your child benefits that can cover rent, clothing, food and other personal needs.

SOS Cares- S. Carolina based autism services. They can help with behavioral therapy, social skills, job skills and more. They are also building the nation's first Autism Community for adults.

A Special Needs Plan    Financial trust development and management 

Tosha Rollins, Professional Counselor and Therapist specializing in autism parenting.

Waves of Communication with Marci Melzer, language facilitation consultant

Work Opportunities Unlimited



About 1 in 4 adults in America have a physical or mental disability, which can result in financial instability and difficulty working. The experts at Bankrate created a guide that informs readers on how to accumulate savings for people with disabilities. It includes:

  • How to save money without impacting benefit asset limits

  • Ways to ensure a financially secure future

  • Savings accounts for individuals with disabilities




New England Services:

NESCA for neuropsychological testing

Counseling Center of New England

Dr. Franklin Perkins School

Peter Pan Center

Neurofeedback with Dr. Jacobs

Estate Planning to protect your child's rights and finances after you die

Department of Developmental Services​

Special Education Parent Advisory Council

Gnome Surf offers a surfing program specifically for people on the spectrum. They are located in Rhode Island, USA and Costa Rica

Rebecca Hale, pediatric physical therapist. 

Financial Services for Special Needs Trusts. Helping you make sure you leave enough for your child's well-being.  Harty Financial Services

New Hampshire Advocate: Judy Flanagan

Trained and Certified by COPAA National organization since 2005/06 603 505 1769

Certain services should be offered by your school such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, social skills, executive functioning, cognitive behavioral therapy, and basic special ed classes developed by your individual education plan (IEP). However, some times they won't or can't offer services so you may need an advocate to help you. Visit FCSN for more information on all of these topics. 

Favorite books for parents and caretakers:

Horse Boy by Rupert Isaacson, The Autistic Brain by Temple Grandin, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night by Mark Haddon, Life, Animated by Ron Suskind, Autism Unspoken Until Now by Tosha Rollins.

For the kids: 

Any book about "Calvin and Hobbs" by Bill Watterson, The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook by Borgenicht and Heimberg, Who Moved my Cheese? for teens by Spencer Johnson

JJ's all time favorite: The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

Autism Resources: About
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