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Inspired by her experience as an autism mom, Rebecca's book, "You Were Made for This- Finding Courage and Intuition for Raising a Child with Autism," focuses on supporting the moms with compassion, mindfulness and empowerment. Each chapter is sprinkled with wisdom from famous writers and thinkers and begins with a beautiful illustration by Jeffrey Hoover. The back of the book includes a glossary of terms autism moms will encounter and guidelines for choosing a therapeutic school. Watch here to see Rebecca and Jeffrey discuss the illustrations. 

Table of Contents


Chapter 1- Does he seem normal to you?

Chapter 2- Finding Mindfulness, Courage, and Intuition in Times of Chaos

Chapter 3- The EGO (Everyone Gets One)

Removing guilt, blame, shame and perfectionism

Chapter4- Communication Flaws and other funny mishaps

Chapter 5- Empowerment 

Chapter 6- Setting Boundaries

Chapter 7- Self-compassion, self-care, perspective

Chapter 8- Celebrate!



Setting Boundaries by Jeffrey Hoover


Calm Lake

Dr. Tess Miller

“You Were Made for This is reassuring guidance on the process of parenting a child with autism. The exercises will uplift and empower you to parent from your best and highest self.”

Dr. Tess Miller, personal coach, author of The Book of STUCK

Rebeccca Hale

“You Were Made for This sparks the courage inside of you to listen to your maternal, intuitive knowing that we often suppress because of the expectations of society, family, schools and ourselves. Rebecca vulnerably shares her successes and challenges in navigating the journey of raising a child on the autism spectrum and she shares with beautiful humility how her son helped her peel away her fears, beliefs and labels. This book really allowed me to reflect, reframe and celebrate my own journey with my son.”  Rebecca Hale- pediatric physical therapist.

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Susan Morse

“I LOVE this! It's easy to read, to the point, serious and funny. And very relatable. Rebecca laughs at herself and is frank about her challenges and open about her growth.”

-Susan Morse, Healer, teacher, guide, mentor, coach and kid whisperer.

Sandra McPherson, special needs mom

"The illustrations are gentle and kind, just what the readers of this book need. Parents of special needs children are pretty raw inside and the thoughtful, inviting, even encouraging artwork really adds to the point of the book to trust yourself and have courage."

Jaclyn Shaw, Behaviorist

"Rebecca presents a very real perspective from the parent's side of things in her book. She offers some compassionate tips for parents who may need to hear supportive words from someone who has been there."

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