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My name is Rebecca Jeffreys and I am a mother of a young man who is the inspiration for Sprouting Healthy Families. His life has not been easy. He showed signs of autism early on but didn't get an official diagnosis until he was 20. We spent years struggling with the usual symptoms such as anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, food allergies and more. Since we were not involved with a school program until grade 7, we were free to try therapies such as therapeutic horseback riding, occupational therapy, neurofeedback, and medication. However, as I focused on his overall health, I forgot to care for my own my emotional health.  As with most parents, we put all of our energy into our children and forget ourselves along the way. Upon reflection, I can see how finding support for my emotional health would have been a benefit for everyone one in the household. I'm pretty sure my lack of emotional mastery often escalated situations with my son's specialists, making me the combative and unfriendly mom. Talk about Mama Bear! Now, I'm older and wiser and able to focus on others after working on my own weak spots. I continue to grow as my son grows, and I think the biggest lessons are the ones I learned from him!


In addition to being a mom to this amazing man, I hold a degree in music education, and have taught for over 35 years. Recently, I was a guest on the radio shows "Inspiring Hope" with host, Lois Herman and "Community Connections" with host, Mike Apfelberg in which we discussed parenting, As a podcast guest I have appeared on "In the Family Way," "Chatting with Betsy,"  "Open Hearts Unite,"  "Flow Ninja with Jody Deane" and others. I am also a contributing writer for and And I blog professionally for the website with a focus on traveling with autism. 



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