Feeling Mom's Tummy

Emotional Mastery through private coaching

Raising a child with high functioning autism into adulthood comes with numerous challenges. Many situations are complicated by our own emotions and how we handle them. Having been through a range of emotions from grief to frustration, powerlessness, exhaustion and elation, I have seen first hand how my energy can impact a situation in both good and bad ways. As a young mom, I really could have benefited from a coach who understood the inner workings of the parent. My hope for you is that I can assist you in understanding your ego, your strengths, your innate power as a parent to model for and lead your child through their complex emotions. Emotional mastery is a skill set that will serve you for a life time. This on-going process is empowering and can change your perspective and in effect, empower your child as well. 

Some guidance you can expect in your coaching:

  • Conquering shame

  • How to avoid drama

  • Understanding the ego

  • Keeping calm in IEP meetings

  • Minimizing frustration

  • Building self esteem

  • Problem solving

  • Training the extended family to support you

  • Surviving social media 

  • Self-care

  • Minimizing worry

  • Putting systems in place for a healthy and safe home

Each 1 hour consultation will focus on your personal needs as we collaborate to find solutions and tools for your success.


"As a coach working with her child, I am continuously in awe of Rebecca's parenting. She and her husband maintain a loving, supportive home for their young adult son. Rebecca balances understanding with loving guidance as she holds space for her son to learn and grow. She truly understands that parenting a young adult on the spectrum is a daily dance of learning more about herself while learning about her son. She meets him where he is in each moment and is dedicated to setting him up for success. To be present with such love and compassion, a person must also manage their own emotional well-being and find a balance of work/play, family/personal time in their lives. Rebecca is adept at finding this balance and I am certain that she can help others find greater joy in the parenting journey."  Susan Cowan Morse www.susancowanmorse.com

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