Frequently Asked Questions

Will my health insurance cover these services

No. We do not take insurance plans

What forms of payment does Sprouting Healthy Families, LLC take?

We take cash or major credit cards. Each session costs $150.

What is a Coach?

Unlike a therapist, who will explore mental health difficulties, diagnosis and assessment, a coach will help and guide you to discover some of the answers to your most pressing questions, explore mindset and build a healthy emotional relationship with yourself. There will also be opportunities to strategize to solve your parenting challenges. As needed, other professional resources will be provided including referring you to a medical specialist if warranted.

What is a session like?

Sessions last 45- 60 minutes and take place via the phone or zoom. There may be assigned reading or homework to help reinforce concepts. All sessions are confidential unless you invite someone to join you (such as the partner helping you raise your child) I do, however, reserve the right to reference success stories of my clients in my marketing materials. Names will be withheld unless I am given permission to include them.


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